OEM green tea softgel for losing weight

OEM green tea softgel for losing weight

Production capacity softge 6 billion 15 sets workshop capsule 15 billion 4 sets workshop tablet 20 billion 6 sets workshop Dosage Availble In the past 20 years, Weihai Baihe has manufactured over 2000 kinds of products. With over 700 sets of molds, the Company can manufacture various shapes and...


Product Description

Green  tea extract softgel


500mg 12# Ov

Filling  weight


Shelf Life

3  Years



Physical  Form








Test  method


Green tea extract 60%mg





Tea polyphenols,mg





Sheep placenta producing,mg










Soybean oil,mg










Iron oxide brown,%




Physical & Chemical Standard



Test  method

Disintegration, min

NMT 30

CHP  2010

Microorganism Standard

Total plate count, cfu/g

NMT  1000

GB/T  4789.2

Escherichia coliMPN/100g


GB/T  4789.3

Mould and Yeast, cuf/g

NMT  100

GB/T  4789.15



GB/T 4789.4

Staphylococcus aureus


GB/T  4789.10

Streptococcus hemolyticus


GB/T  4789.11

Heavy Metal Standard

Lead, mg/kg

NMT  1.5

GB/T  5009.12

Arsenic, mg/kg

NMT  1.0

GB/T  5009.11

Mercury, mg/kg

NMT  0.3

GB/T  5009.17

Cadmium, mg/kg

NMT  0.3

GB/T  5009.15

Package and Storage

Keep in cool, dry, light proof  place, the temperature is from 16 to 22, the humidity: below 50%

Skin Care Product Vitamin C Chewable Tablet
Skin Care Product Vitamin C Chewable Tablet

Production capacity
softge     6 billion     15 sets workshop
capsule   15 billion     4  sets workshop
tablet     20 billion     6  sets workshop

Skin Care Product Vitamin C Chewable Tablet


Dosage Availble

In the past 20 years, Weihai Baihe has manufactured over 2000 kinds of products. With over 700 sets of molds, the Company can manufacture various shapes and specifications of softgel , hard capsule, tablet, oral liquid, granule and cosmetics, etc.. And customized production is available.

The Company owns 30 various imported packaging production lines, offering packaging services including bottling, box packaging, bagging, blistering, and barrel packaging, etc. the daily packaging capacity has exceeded 300,000 bottles.

Test Capacity

Skin Care Product Vitamin C Chewable Tablet

Baihe Biotechnology controls the raw materials strictly. The company owns 2 professional laboratories with over 40 testing personnel. Having passed the NSlookup Laboratory Accreditation, the Company has been equipped over 50 sets of imported testing instruments, including GC, HPLC, atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS), atomic fluorescence sub-photometer (AFS), GC/MS, HLPC-MS, Amino acid analyzer, Protein analyzer, infrared spectrometer, and Ultraviolet spectrophotometer, etc. and over 300 items can be tested.


Q: You are a trade company or manufacture?
A: We are a manufacture.

Q: What's your factory adress?
A: No.552, Chengda Road Swan Lake Economic-Technical Development Area, Rongcheng City, Shandong, China

Q:What's your process of  placing the orders?
A:(1)We send you product specification for your confirmation;
  (2)We start to manufacture it basing on the confirmed specification;
  (3) We may send the sample from the mass production for testing;
  (4) Despatch the goods after your confirmation.

Q: Can you provide me the sample before an order?
A: Yes

Description of Production
The company owns 8 standardized GMP workshops over 37000, and over 120 sets of large-scale production facility for Vegetable Softgel, Gelatin softgels, tablets, oral liquid, hard capsules, sachets, powder, and packages, which can manufacture over 600,000 bottles of nutritional health food and cosmetics, the world famous nutrition supplements manufacturing base.
The Company can provide the packaging of bottling, blistering, box packaging, labeling, bulk packaging etc. various packaging that customer need, the annual production capacity of softgel is 6 billion, tablet is 2 billion, tablet is 2 billion, the sachets is 20 million, the packaging capacity is 15000 bottles per day.


Quality Control

Weihai Baihe has established 2000 CNAS laboratory and passed the NSlookup Laboratory Accreditation. The Company has equipped over 50 sets of imported detection instruments, including GC,HPLC, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS), Atomic Fluorescence Sub-photometer (AFS), GC/MS test, HLPC-MS test, Amino acid Analyzer, Protein Analyzer, Infrared spectrometer, and Ultraviolet Spectrometry Photometer etc. and can complete over 300 items tests.
Now, The Company has total QA and QC 108 persons, include the R & D department 20 persons, the quality control from supplier audition, raw materials purchasing to in-process quality control and finished product released etc. we guarantee that each product released from QA is meet the specification of relative regulation and fit for the human consumption.

R & D Description
The R&D Innovation has been the top priority of the company's operation. Equipped withover 20 Doctor and Masterdegree holders and closely cooperating with several universities and research institutes, the company has owned over 110 patented technologies, over 170 products registered with CFDA, ranking top 10 in China.
The new formula and dosage have been put into market now, such as Veggie Softgel, probiotics sachets, sports formula, and weight loss formula etc.

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