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Types And Concentrations Of Capsule
Nov 01, 2017

Plant capsules are hollow capsules made from plant cellulose or water-soluble polysaccharides to meet the needs of all natural location and capsule preparation solutions. It retains the advantages of all the standard hollow capsules: Easy to use, effectively conceal the taste and smell, the contents of transparent visible, and more traditional gelatin capsules have no connotation. "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" to gelatin hollow capsules have a clear standard: the production of Medicinal hollow capsules must obtain the drug production license, product inspection qualified after the factory sales.Capsule

There is a rapid dynamic equilibrium between the molecular monomers that make up the capsules and the free surfactant molecules in the solution.Capsule 

Usually there are two kinds of capsule solution, positive phase and reverse phase. The former is a capsule formed by surfactant dissolved in polar solvents at the outer side while the lipophilic end is located in the inner of the hydrophilic end, which refers to a capsule formed by an surfactant dissolved in non-polar solvents at the core and the Lipophilic base is located outside. The interaction of the separated components with the capsules and the separated components are different from the function modes of the general solvents, and the effects of the separated components and the two capsules are also differentiated.Capsule

The change of the type, concentration and charge property of the capsule has a great influence on the chromatographic behavior, the leaching sequence and the separation effect of the separated components. Capsule chromatography is to fully use the separation of components and capsules of the electrostatic action, hydrophobic action, solubilization and steric resistance, and its comprehensive synergy can be achieved by the general liquid chromatography can not achieve the separation effect. It is a safe, non-toxic and economical technology for separating and analyzing components which are similar in chemical structure and fine in nature.Capsule

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