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The Medicinal Health Value Of Fish Oil
Oct 23, 2017

Aquatic Animal Oil In addition to liver oil is mainly used in medicine, fish body Oil, marine oil can be made of artificial cream, shortening and soap, can also be used to create paints, inks, lubricants and tanning leather oil. Sperm whale brain oil viscosity low, high temperature and low temperature, can be used to do precision instruments and watches lubricants.Fish OilTincture high alcohols from aquatic animal oil to make cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds. The medicinal value of fish oil has been the main source of vitamin A and vitamin D in human health care for the past half century. In the past 20 years, 20 carbon-diene acid and 22-carbonic acid in fish oil have been regarded as a health care drug to control hyperlipidemia.Fish Oil

Aquatic animal fats are made mostly from animal storage fats, the subcutaneous fat layer, the fat layer along the ventral wall, fat in muscle tissue, and fat in the liver. Fish body Oil is mainly derived from fatty fish. Cod liver oil is mainly derived from codfish and sharks. Marine oil is mainly taken from a variety of whales, dolphins and so on. Fish body Oil is a joint product in the manufacture of fishmeal, which is usually used in the process of mixing, after cooking and crushing, the crude oil is separated from the squeeze solution and then clarified into fish oil. Cod liver oil is generally used in cooking, dilute alkali digestion or solvent extraction method.Fish Oil

The sebum, bone and viscera of the marine are generally directly heated and dissolved. The extraction of whale oil is the first to cut the subcutaneous fat into chunks or stir into a paste, then pressurized or in a vacuum heat soluble. Separating the whale wax from the sperm whale oil is to cool the whale oil to about 0 ℃ and then separating the solid wax from the liquid whale oil by squeezing the wax. Aquatic animal fats are refined according to different uses before application, including cold filtration, alkali refining, decolorization, Deodorization and hydrogenation.Fish Oil

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