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The Main Classification Of Capsules
Jun 13, 2017

    Capsules are usually drugs that are irritating to the esophagus and gastric mucosa, or have poor taste, easy to evaporate, easily decomposed in the mouth, and easily inhaled tracheal. These drugs into the capsule, both to protect the drug drug is not destroyed, but also to protect the digestive organs and respiratory tract.

    Removal of capsules may cause drug loss, drug waste, and lower efficacy. In addition, some drugs need to dissolve in the intestine absorption, capsule protection drugs are not stomach acid damage. Medicine refers to the use of special film-forming materials (such as gelatin, cellulose, polysaccharides, etc.) made of cysts, the contents (such as powder, liquid all kinds of drugs, etc.) or by dose into them, easy to swallow The April 2012, some companies use leather waste medicine capsules were investigated and dealt with by the public security department.Capsule

    Usually with hard capsules and soft capsules. Hard capsule, also known as hollow capsule, consists of two parts of the cap body; soft capsule is the film forming materials and the contents of the product processed into the same time.

Hard capsules According to raw materials, capsules generally include: gelatin capsules are the world's most popular two-style capsules.Capsule

    The capsule consists of two precision-processed capsules. The size of the capsule is varied, including 000 #, 00 #, 0 # - 5 # = capsule. Capsules can also be colored on the print, showing a unique custom appearance.

The capsule part has a tapered edge, which can be successfully encapsulated on a high-speed filling machine.

    The double-locking ring system allows the capsules to be pre-filled with the capsules and filled with the drug. The design of the capsule also includes a vent hole to avoid the occurrence of unnecessary air pressure in the capsule during the high-speed filling process. Capsule

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