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The Important Role Of Capsule Shell
Sep 01, 2017

     Capsule shell mainly by starch and edible gelatin composition, will some of the stomach has a greater role in stimulating drugs inside, because the stomach will not absorb starch, capsule carrying drugs into the small intestine directly absorbed, to avoid the drug on the stomach stimulation. An egg-shaped hollow shell of solid powder and granules used in fine-grained and auxiliary materials. Capsule Shell has good bioavailability and can dissolve quickly, reliably and safely.Capsule

     Capsule shell mainly used in medicine, pharmaceutical industry. Medical hollow capsules are mainly used for holding solid drugs, such as homemade powder, health products, medicament, capsule shell for the user to solve the difficult entrance, poor taste, the real solution is no longer bitter problems. Capsule Shell Hollow capsules are refined from medicinal gelatin and auxiliary materials.Capsule

    Storage of capsule shell: Because hollow capsules have too little water content easily broken, too much easy to soften the deformation of the characteristics, so hollow capsules should be controlled at the factory moisture between 12.5-17.5%; containers containing capsules should be placed on the shelves, avoiding windows and ducts to keep them in a cool ventilated place to avoid daylight exposure and proximity to heat. Not arbitrarily placed and weighed; before the use of packaging containers should be kept sealed, if opened please take the appropriate sterilization measures, otherwise easy to cause bacterial pollution; Capsule

     The inventory temperature should be kept at 15-25 ℃, the relative humidity remains in 35–65%, and can not be stored in high temperature and humidity condition, otherwise it will cause adhesion and deformation due to heat softening. Also can not be placed in the temperature is too low or too dry environment, otherwise the capsule easy to produce brittle fragile phenomenon, according to the above storage conditions stored, capsules may be stored intact for more than 9 months.Capsule

    The removal of capsules may result in drug loss, drug waste and reduced efficacy. In addition, some drugs need to dissolve in the intestinal absorption, capsules to protect the drug from acid damage. Medicine refers to the use of special film-forming materials (such as gelatin, cellulose, polysaccharides, etc.) made of the capsule, the contents (such as powder, liquid-like drugs, etc.) or in accordance with the dosage, easy to swallow. In April 2012, some enterprises used leather waste to make medicinal capsules were investigated by public security departments. Capsule

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