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The History Of The Development Of Tablets
Jun 13, 2017

    Tablets are pharmaceuticals and accessories evenly mixed after pressing the sheet or shaped flake solid preparation. Tablets are mainly oral tablets, but also tablets, sublingual tablets, oral patch, chewable tablets, dispersible tablets, effervescent tablets, vaginal films, quick release or sustained release or controlled release tablets and enteric-coated tablets.

    Refers to the pharmaceutical, pesticides and suitable excipients made through the preparation of the chip preparation. From the original drug, fillers, adsorbents, adhesives, lubricants, dispersants, wetting agents, disintegrating agents, spices, color materials and other components. First material crushing, granulation, drying, and then press the tablet into a sheet, and some do not need granulation and drying, directly into tablets.Tablet

    In the tablet quality requirements on the content of accurate, small differences in weight, disintegration time or dissolution in line with the provisions of the appropriate hardness, the appearance of the United States, good color, in line with health inspection standards, in the provisions of stable storage period. Accurate dose, physical and chemical properties of stable, longer storage period, use, transportation and easy to carry, low prices, high yield.

     The concept and characteristics of tablets. Tablet (tablet) is a drug and accessories evenly mixed after the tablet made of the preparation.Tablet

     The tablet was developed on the basis of the use of pills, which was developed in the 1940s to the end of the 19th century with the emergence and continuous improvement of tabletting machines, the rapid development of tablet production and application. Over the past decade, tablet production technology and machinery and equipment also have a greater development, such as boiling granulation, the whole powder directly tablet, semi-film coating, new materials, new technology and production linkage. Chinese medicine tablet research and production only in the 50's only began, with the traditional Chinese medicine chemistry, pharmacology, preparation and clinical aspects of a comprehensive study, the number of Chinese medicine tablets, increasing the number of process technology is improving, the quality of the tablet gradually improve.

     Chinese medicine tablets in addition to the general type of tablet, sugar-coated film, there are microcapsules, mouth tablets, external tablets and effervescent tablets and so on. In the tablet production process gradually worked out a set of suitable for the production of Chinese medicine tablet production conditions, such as the preparation of fat and volatile oil tablets, how to improve the hardness of Chinese medicine tablets to improve the degree of disintegration, tablet coating And so gradually accumulate experience, so that the quality of continuous improvement. In addition, the dissolution rate and bioavailability of drugs in Chinese medicine tablets have been progressively carried out. In short, the current tablet has become a variety, large output, wide use, easy to use and storage, quality and stability of one of the formulations, tablets in China and many other countries of the Pharmacopoeia contained in the preparation, , Can be seen widely used.Tablet

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