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The Function And Effect Of Fish Oil
Jun 27, 2017

   Fish oil is a general designation of all the oils in the body, including body oil, liver oil and brain oil, the main fish oil is a kind of fat extracted from fatty fish, rich in Jan-3 series polyunsaturated fatty acids (DHA and EPA), with anti-inflammatory, regulating blood lipids and other health benefits. Fish oil in the broad sense is not only the form of fish oil preparation, but also refers to the body fat, the main functional component of which is the Jan-3 system polyunsaturated fatty acids.Fish Oil
   The raw materials for making fish oil preparations are commonly found in mackerel, herring, tuna, flounder, salmon, cod liver, whale fat, seal oil, etc., and a small amount of vitamin E may be added to antioxidant effects. Fish oil in China is a new source of food, the broad sense of oil is the fat, including cod liver oils, but generally refers to the fish oil its main function ingredient is DHA (22 carbonic acid) and EPA (20 carbon five ene acid), has the function of regulating blood lipids, and the main effect ingredient of cod liver oils is vitamin A and vitamin D, the main role is to prevent vitamin A and vitamin D deficiency. Infants under 1 years of age do not need fish oil supplements (vitamin D supplements may be considered if breast milk or formula milk + supplemental feeding is sufficient).Fish Oil
   Deep-sea fish oil is often used by old friends of health food, for the effect of deep-sea fish oil and the role of many old friends is know, its main role is to clean up blood vessel garbage, so there is "blood vessel scavenger" laudatory name. Next we understand some of the specific effects of deep-sea fish oil. The role of regulating blood lipids: In recent years, a large number of studies have shown that the deep sea fish oil extracts in the "allyl acid ethyl ester" has a clear effect of blood lipids, prevention of coronary heart disease, can effectively control the human blood lipids concentration, the main active ingredient contains EPA-E and Dha-E, the two are the key Fish Oil

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