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The Effect Of Different Softgel
Sep 21, 2017

     Calcium carbonate, vitamin D3, beeswax, soy oil, glycerin, gelatin and other green plant extracts and natural nutrients, not only to ensure the normal nutrition of the human body, but also to enhance human physique, prevent a variety of diseases, is a new type of green high-quality health products.Softgel

     Do not add any artificial additives, the use of the latest sealing technology, so that vitamin D calcium soft capsules shelf life greatly extended, far more than those who add preservatives similar products. Vitamin D calcium Soft capsules have passed the National Health Ministry's safety certification before the listing, and far exceeded the national GMP highest standard value.Softgel

    Alcoholism to protect the liver soft capsules, to prevent excessive alcohol intake caused by intoxication, hangovers, alcoholism, alcoholic liver, and other can prevent liver dysfunction caused by acute hepatitis. Pueraria Lobata Extract: The main active ingredient is total flavonoids in Pueraria lobata, Puerarin is a kind of active monomer component in total flavonoids, all have the effect of preventing drunkenness, treating drunkenness and resisting alcoholic liver injury. Can form a layer of protective membrane in the stomach, prevent alcohol injury, and can detoxify. Oyster extract: Contains glycogen, it can promote liver activity, have hangover effect, have certain liver function.Softgel

    The soft capsule shell is thicker than the hard capsule shell, and has great elasticity and strong plasticity. The elastic size of the soft capsule depends on the weight ratio between the dry gelatin, the dry plasticizer and the water in the shell (the plasticizer is glycerin, Sls alcohol or a mixture of the two). Softgel

    The weight of gelatin and plasticizer determines the hardness of the shell. Usually the appropriate weight ratio for dry plasticizers: Dry gelatin $number. 4~0.6:1, and the ratio of water to dry gelatin is 1:1. A number of plasticizers and gelatin between the weight ratio of 0.3:1 when the shell is hard, if 1.8:1 when the rubber shell softened.Softgel

    The proportion of various materials in the plastic shell prescription is determined according to the nature and requirements of the drug. Therefore, in choosing the hardness of the soft capsule, the properties of the filled drug and the interaction between the capsule and the drug should be considered. The nature of the drug should also be considered in selecting Plasticizers.Softgel

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