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Soft Capsule Ten Characteristics
Jun 12, 2016

Soft capsule ten characteristics

  (1) liquid oil directly into the capsule, without the use of adsorption, the inclusion of additives such as, oil contents as high as 60%~ cosmetic and soft capsules soft capsules 85% (weight), while receiving the content below 50%.

  (2) if the thick gelatin-coating, complete gas seal, and capsules of high strength and plastic cover, the contents can remain stable for a long time. It's Ming rubber membrane cover for oxygen than polyethylene film over 30 times. Oxygen in the air is very stable and can prevent air moisture, such as oxidation.

  (3) after the intake, quick release, in vivo utilization, absorption rates were high.

  (4) content uniformity Jia, deviation of content is very low.

  (5) covers some content Yi chou, smell, especially for some functional health food, pharmaceuticals more appropriate. Because of its different from other foods, odors, and Yi chou ingredients.

  (6) the capsule film taste, color, smell, opacity, gloss can be freely chosen, compared with the other round products, the appearance of glossy, eye-catching.

  (7) the airtight container, made from circulation after foreign body cannot be mixed, is a clean container.

  (8) for the low boiling point, the volatile (such as spice) material can be stored. Combined with ingredients and some taboos can be added separately on the second floor of the contents within.

  (9) without adding Binder, Binder and other additives, generally soft capsule made of gelatin, glycerin and water, is the edible natural products.

  (10) the soft capsule production and storage should meet the following requirements: small doses of the drug should be diluted with suitable diluent and mixing; should be neat in appearance and not bonded, deformation or rupture, like stink except as otherwise provided, shall be sealed and stored.

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