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SFDA Requires Thorough Investigation Of Chinese Herbal Medicines, Such As Making And Selling Fake Illegal Behavior
Jun 12, 2016

  26th reporters learned from the State food and Drug Administration to regulate Chinese medicine production order, ensure the quality of traditional Chinese medicine, the State food and Drug Administration issued a notice, requesting the stern sale of counterfeit goods in production and operation of various aspects of traditional Chinese medicine and doping violations such as adulteration.

  According to the State food and drug administration in charge, with the increasingly fierce market competition, production and demand contradiction of Chinese herbal medicines, traditional Chinese medicine production and circulation phenomenon of making and selling fake rise. Some herbs lower the production and operation, allowing non-standard behavior, provides a facility for making and selling fake and even directly involved in illegal activities, seriously interfere with traditional Chinese medicine production order directly affects public safety and effective medication.

  In response to this situation, the State food and Drug Administration notice requirements, Chinese herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine production enterprises shall ensure that the use of Chinese herbal medicine sources, production stability, promoting the construction of medicinal materials base in, and actively guide the standardized, large-scale planting, strengthening of harmful elements, heavy metals and pesticides residues, aflatoxins and other security indicators measurement and control, to ensure the quality and safety of Chinese herbal medicines. Meanwhile, Chinese herbal medicine and proprietary Chinese medicine production enterprises should be strictly in accordance with good production practices, strict quality control, to ensure drug safety.

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