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Rose Oil Softgel
Aug 25, 2017

               The process requirements of soft capsules are: the smallest volume, the most content filler. Good stability, effective and high productivity. The minimum glue pill volume can be calculated by the adsorption technique of suspension solids, that is, 1g solid shell cyst of the suspension of the liquid mechanism required by the number of base mass/solid quantity = Adsorption base, obviously the lower the solid adsorption base of the higher the density of the mixture, the smaller the volume of soft capsules. Adult oral dosage of the largest plastic pill is 20 drops of the oval, 16 drops of oval and 9 drops of rounded. The formula for the drop amount is: the filler content (mg)/concentration (mg/ml) = Volume (ml) Volume/60= drop amount is: 1 drops of about 0.061 mg.Softgel

               Rose essential oil-rose essential oil capsules efficacy One, can improve the menstrual pain two, promotes the feminine charm three, molds the feminine graceful curve four, assists gastrointestinal digestive function Five, improves the constipation symptom six, promotes the feminine self-confidence.Softgel

               Applicable crowd 1, skin aging, dark yellow, colored spots, dark spots whitening needs of people, 2, need to nourish the uterus, relieve dysmenorrhea, regulate physiological female 3, daily beauty maintenance adult female 4, middle-aged women 5, the emotional stress of the women 6, want to have a rose body fragrant women. Rose Soft Capsules-rose capsule Electronic magazine rose Essence Soft Capsule: Also known as "compound rose essential oil soft capsule" has "liquid gold" name, similar to the shape of VE capsule. Generally 3-5 tons can be extracted 1 kg (kg) essential oil, about 10 million roses. Iebook Electronic magazine "Rose Soft Capsule" is committed to the beauty industry, by Iebook Super Elf Electronic magazine production software and build, the main content explains its efficacy and role, but also explain how to spread the beauty, create beautiful and happy women, for the world's women to bring the gospel.Softgel

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