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Production Requirements For Tablet
Nov 01, 2017

Traditional Chinese medicine tablet refers to the medicinal powder or herbal extracts plus herbal fine powder or auxiliary materials to suppress the flaky or shaped flake of the preparation. It is divided into the original powder tablets and the extract (half dip cream) tablets. The raw materials and excipients are mixed evenly. Tablets containing small doses or drug containing drugs, should be used in a suitable way to disperse the drug evenly. where volatile or light and heat unstable drugs, in the production process should be shading, avoid heat, in order to prevent component loss or failure.Tablet

The materials or granules in front of the tablet should be controlled to meet the needs of the production process to prevent mildew and spoilage during storage. including tablets, buccal patches, chewing tablets, dispersible tablets, effervescent tablets, etc. can be added to the need for the use of deodorant, aromatic agents and colorants and other additives. In order to increase stability, cover the bad odor of drugs, improve the appearance of tablets, tablets can be coated. The appearance of tablets should be complete and clean, uniform color, the appropriate hardness and wear resistance, in addition to the other provisions, for the uncoated film, should be in line with the requirements of the tablets brittleness inspection method to prevent the packaging, transport process wear or broken.Tablet

Dissolution of tablets, release degree, content uniformity, microbial limit, etc. should meet the requirements. If necessary, film coated tablets should be checked for residual solvents. Chinese herbal medicine tablets are made from one or more Chinese herbal fine powder or after processing (such as extract) and suitable accessories. Basically has the same advantage of chemical drug tablets, the use of excipients are basically the same, but because the Chinese herbal medicine itself has some auxiliary functions, such as dipping paste can be used as adhesives, fine powder as thinner or disintegrating agent, so the use of less excipients, made of tablets easy to absorb moisture, mildew, the volatile drug contains long storage content or the efficacy of easy to reduce.Tablet

Alcohol-soluble constituents (alkaloids, glycosides, etc.) were first extracted and then concentrated into a modified extract after infiltration or impregnation, while most Chinese herbs were suitable for use in water-frying to concentrate and then adjust. Volatile constituents are extracted by distillation method, and the residue of the residues is necessary when the decoction is condensed into a thick or dry extract.Tablet

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