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Preparation Of Capsules
Sep 21, 2017

     The production environment needed in the whole process of making capsules is a clean process with high precision and constant temperature and humidity. The understanding of constant temperature and humidity requirements. Capsule equipment is an open mechanical transmission automation equipment, the environmental requirements of the site is the drying system, it needs to have a strict supply of wind parameters to ensure that the drying of the fan to send into the constant temperature and humidity air; In addition, the ambient temperature should be maintained so that the metal mold has a constant dip in the initial temperature.Capsule

     Capsule machine Request Air flow parameters, temperature for 20~23℃ range adjustable, accuracy ± 0.5 ℃, relative humidity of $number range adjustable, precision ±2%. Temperature and humidity accuracy is to ensure continuous and stable production, relying on air-conditioning automatic control system to ensure. In particular, the selection of high precision humidity sensor, in addition to control valve proportional control. Capsule Machine Equipment Working environment (host room)Capsule

     Airflow organization is very important. Send the wind to send in place, especially the Machine Head capsule forming part, must have upwind, and can adjust the air volume. Capsule air-conditioning is the process of air conditioning, so must consider its particularity, return air to or four weeks, but not with the main engine room outside the mix back, the host room air-conditioning to have their own independent system.Capsule

     Air conditioning design requirements are: Cold quantity, air volume selection reasonable, reliable work, accuracy to meet the requirements, energy-saving, small investment, the host room should have a clear display and recorder. Enable operators to keep abreast of changes in environmental parameters. Capsule

     The cleanliness of production environment is 300,000 levels. Capsules of the main raw materials for medicinal bone gelatin, gelatin quality directly affect the quality of capsules, need in the world-class gelatin manufacturers carefully selected suppliers.Capsule

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