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Pharmacopoeia Standard For Capsule
Jun 27, 2017

    Capsules loaded with drugs, usually the esophagus and gastric mucosa have irritating powder or granules, or poor taste, easy to volatile, in the mouth easily by saliva decomposition, and easy inhalation of the trachea drug. These drugs are loaded into capsules, which both protect the drug from damage and protect the digestive organs and respiratory tract. The removal of capsules may result in drug loss, drug waste and reduced efficacy. In addition, some drugs need to dissolve in the intestinal absorption, capsules to protect the drug from acid damage. Medicine refers to the use of special film-forming materials (such as gelatin, cellulose, polysaccharides, etc.) made of the capsule, the contents (such as powder, liquid-like drugs, etc.) or in accordance with the dosage, easy to swallow. In April 2012, some enterprises used leather waste to make medicinal capsules were investigated by public security departments.Capsule
    Plant capsules are hollow capsules made from plant cellulose or water-soluble polysaccharides, such as the Jong Colla 100 of the active plant capsules, to meet the needs of all natural positioning and capsule preparation solutions. It retains the advantages of all the standard hollow capsules: Easy to use, effectively conceal the taste and smell, the contents of transparent visible, and more traditional gelatin capsules have no connotation.Capsule
    Chlorine ethanol, the amount of chlorine ethanol, precision weighing, plus hexane dissolved and quantitatively diluted into each 1ml of the solution containing 22, the precise amount of 2ml, set Sheng has a positive hexane 24ml in the liquid funnel, precision add water 2ml, shake extraction, take water solution as a control solution. Another to take the appropriate amount of capsules, cut, weighing 2.5g, placed in a cone-shaped bottle, plus hexane 25ml, dipping overnight, will be hexane liquid into the liquid funnel, precision add water 2ml, vibration extraction, take water solution as a test solution. According to the gas Chromatographic method (Appendix Shine), 15% polyethylene glycol-1500 (or 10% polyethylene glycol 120m) column, column length 2M, was measured under the column temperature 110 Shan. The peak area or peak height of chlorine ethanol in the solution can not exceed the peak area or peak height of the control solution (this is suitable for the ethylene oxide sterilization process). The dry weightlessness takes this product 1.0g, separates the cap, the body, in 105 Shan dry 6 hours, the weight loss should be 12.5% ~ 17.5%. Burning residue to take this product 1.0g, according to the Law Inspection (appendix Shan), the residual residue shall not be 2% (transparent), 3% (translucent or transparent, another section opaque), 4% (one translucent, another section opaque), 5% (opaque).Capsule

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