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Patchouli Healthy Softgel
Aug 06, 2017

                Objective to investigate the possible pathogenesis of functional dyspepsia (FD) in patients with spleen deficiency and the interventional effect of the soft capsule of patchouli healthy. Methods 100 patients with FD spleen deficiency were selected, the treatment group was given the soft capsule + starch tablet, and the positive control group was given domperidone ketone + therapeutic simulator. Treatment of D, observation before and after treatment of symptom integration, efficacy criteria, gastric emptying observation, Motilin (MTL), gastrin (gas), nitric oxide (NO), serotonin (HT) and other indicators, while compared with the positive control, health control.Softgel

                Results The upper abdominal distension, satiety, nausea, vomiting and stool integral were decreased obviously after treatment of the treatment group (p. 05), but the loss of appetite and belching score were not significantly reduced ($number). 05. There was no significant difference in the fullness, early satiety, halitosis and mouth-viscosity of the upper abdominal distension after treatment with Domperidone ($number. 05), and the effect of the soft capsule of patchouli on the gastric emptying in FD patients (p. 01) was significant. The HT levels of the two groups were increased obviously after the treatment of the soft capsule and domperidone ketone, and the treatment of the soft capsule group was more significant p 05), the level of no was significantly increased after the treatment of the Soft capsule group (p. 05), there was no significant change of gas in the soft capsule and domperidone ketone group after treatment ($number. 05), and the increase of MTL was evident in the soft capsule of patchouli upright (p. 05).Softgel

                Conclusion the soft capsule can improve the clinical symptom, promote gastric emptying and regulate the level of gastrointestinal hormones in patients with FD spleen deficiency and dampness.Softgel

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