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Making Technology Of Softgel
Nov 01, 2017

Compared with foreign varieties are still poor, can not adapt to market demand. At present, the domestic capsule agent varieties, there are several key varieties, such as pulse, vitamin E, the month see grass oil plastic pill, and so on, and foreign soft capsule varieties have more than 3,000 kinds, including nourishing nutrition accounted for more than 70% of these varieties of production, by the pharmaceutical factory commissioned soft capsule production plant processing, varieties do not duplicate.Softgel 

Compared with foreign countries, China's soft capsule varieties are poor, although the recent decade slightly developed, but the speed is too slow, the number is too small, nourishing nutrition only accounted for 40%, and a few key varieties, repeat production, herd, we want to produce high output value, profit, craft simple varieties, resulting in individual varieties of extrusion, and from the overall perspective, Soft capsule varieties, far from the market demand.Softgel

The manufacturing process is backward and there are some problems such as the stratification of liquid medicine. At present, the Soft capsule machine (rotary type) is mainly used for filling oily liquid or suspension, but there are still many varieties in solid-liquid phase separation, resulting in uneven content of finished products, increasing the difference of pill weight, lower yield and poor bioavailability.Softgel 

At present, there are manufacturers to study the uniformity of liquid and particle size, viscosity and other problems, but there is still a stratification, compared with foreign similar products, there is still a gap, need to be further improved.Softgel

The adsorption phenomenon of soft capsule on packaging container. The reason is that the capsule contains more glycerol, in the circulation process storage time or temperature too high can occur adsorption phenomenon. Therefore, soft capsules should be stored in a cool and dry place. In recent years, in allusion to the problem of soft capsule adsorption, some improvements have been made in the technology of making sac, such as adding some crystalline cellulose to the capsule, solving the problem of adsorption, or using wax to treat the soft capsule surface, and also to prevent the adsorption. The above two methods are low-cost, simple to operate, and are expected to be used in production.Softgel

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