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Introduction ToTablet And A Brief History Of Development
Sep 01, 2017

     Tablets are tablets that are suppressed by the mixture of drugs and excipients. Tablets are mainly oral tablets, including tablets, sublingual tablets, oral patches, chewing tablets, dispersible tablets, effervescent tablets, vaginal tablets, rapid release or slow release or controlled release tablets and enteric-coated tablets. In general, tablets are made up of two broad categories of substances, one of which is to play a therapeutic role (i.e. the main drug), the other is that there is no physiological activity of some substances, they play a role mainly include: filling, adhesion, disintegration and lubrication, sometimes, but also play a role in coloring, the effect of the role and aesthetic effect.Tablet

     A brief history of development: tablets are developed on the basis of pill use, it was used in the 1840s, to the end of 19th century with the advent of tablet machinery and continuous improvement, the production and application of tablets has been rapid development. Over the past more than 10 years, tablet production technology and machinery and equipment has also had a larger development, such as boiling granulation, full powder direct pressure tablets, half film coating, new accessories, new technology and production linkage.Tablet

     The research and production of traditional Chinese medicine tablet only started in the 50 's, with the comprehensive research of Chinese herbal medicine, pharmacology, preparations and clinical aspects, the variety and quantity of traditional Chinese medicine tablets increased continuously, and the quality of the tablets improved gradually. Tablet

     Traditional Chinese medicine tablets in the type except for the general pressure production, sugar-coated tablets, as well as microcapsules, buccal tablets, topical tablets and effervescent tablets. In the production process of tablet, a set of process conditions suitable for the production of traditional Chinese medicine tablets, such as the preparation of fatty oil and volatile oil tablets, how to improve the hardness of traditional Chinese medicine tablets, improve disintegration, tablet coating gradually accumulated experience, so that the quality continues to improve. In addition, the research on the dissolution rate and bioavailability of drugs in Chinese medicine tablets has been gradually carried out.Tablet

   In short, the current tablet has become a variety of varieties, large production, wide use, and storage convenience, the quality of stable dosage forms, tablets in China and many other countries in the pharmacopoeia of the preparation, accounted for more than 1/3, can be seen widely.Tablet

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