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Inevitability Of Capsule Development
Sep 12, 2017

    Traditional Chinese medicine capsules generally have a limited amount of pills, which can lead to a lot of particles, easy to absorb moisture content, and poor particle roundness, which is a key problem to be solved urgently.

The number of tablets more commonly taken by Chinese medicine capsules, in particular, some contain tonic herbs more compound, such as: Hundred capsules, a $number tablets, a day 3 times, the stomach Taiping capsules, 8 capsules, a day 3 times; cinnamon Capsules, 7 tablets, a day 2 times. The size of capsules was mainly related to the deficiency of solid matter yield, the dosage of excipients and the various granulation methods of traditional Chinese medicine.Capsule

    For the high yield of solids, it is often used to reduce the amount of impurities in the raw material extraction by means of static sedimentation, water extraction and alcohol sinking, adding clarifying agent filtration method and high-speed centrifugal filtration method. However, because of the material basic research of traditional Chinese medicine preparation, especially the material basic research of compound preparation, it is difficult to make breakthrough, so it is very important to reduce the size of capsules in the process of extraction of arts and crafts in the development of modern preparations. Capsule

    At present, the extract of traditional Chinese medicine is still a coarse extract, larger volume, plus the use of excipients, making the taking of larger size, capsule dosage increased. Moreover, the existing granulation technology has more or less problems, the preparation of particles can not be achieved to reduce the number of capsules or reduce the size of the capsule shell.Capsule

    Because of the complexity and variety of contents and forms of filling capsules, most of them often appear in the process of storing particles, bonding and even mildew, which has become one of the important factors affecting the quality and efficacy of drugs. Now is generally through the use of packaging materials to improve this situation, the commonly used method is in the aluminum plastic plate and moisture-proof aluminum bags to achieve moistureproof purposes.Capsule

    The contents of traditional Chinese medicine capsules are generally granules. However, due to the existing granulation technology problems, resulting in uneven size of the particles, the appearance of the round. It is because of the small density of particles, the nature of large specific surface area, resulting in its hygroscopicity can not be effectively improved, which is also a capsule content easy to absorb moisture bonding reasons, at the same time make the particle coating technology is difficult to achieve, and not easy to separate.Capsule

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