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Importance Of Fish Oil In Dietary
Sep 12, 2017

     Fish oil is a series of fish oil products, a high-tech product of marine life, it is the use of high-quality refined fish oil through saponification, esterification, and five-stage molecular distillation purification, the effective ingredient content of different yellowish fatty acid ethyl ester fish oil. Product manufacturing process time is short, strictly maintain the effective ingredient of fish oil, freshness of content. This product is a ester soluble, easily absorbed by the human body.Fish Oil

     It has the functions of regulating blood ester, preventing atherosclerosis, preventing cardio-cerebrovascular disease, reducing blood viscosity, preventing cerebral thrombosis and cerebral infarction, reducing blood pressure caused by brain blood supply, improving brain intelligence, increasing memory, enhancing the agility of thinking, improving learning efficiency and improving eyesight. According to the latest research, the product also has enhanced immunity, inhibition of Alzheimer's disease, prevention and treatment of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, fatty liver and inhibit the role of cancer.Fish Oil

     This product is a wide range of natural marine products, can be directly made of soft capsules, microcapsules (powder) of raw materials, but also to do pure natural functional health food additives, without any side effects. Ingredients: Refined ethyl ester fish oil, vitamin E; suitable crowd: Depending on the needs of the variety, not suitable for the crowd: there is cerebral haemorrhage, bleeding tendency; shelf life: 12 months; Storage method: Low temperature, light, nitrogen-filled storage.Fish Oil

      People with hemorrhagic disease or bleeding tendency are unfit to eat, such as: purpura, hemophilia, severe liver disease, aplastic anemia and other diseases. But for not the above-mentioned diseases caused by bleeding, such as: fire, periodontal disease, constipation and other causes of nasal bleeding, gum bleeding, hemorrhoids bleeding and so does not belong to this category, edible. Fatty fish rich in ω-3 fats include mackerel, tuna, salmon, sturgeon, anchovies, sardines, herring, trout, etc., each 22 of which can obtain about 1 grams of ω-3 fatty acids (the actual fluctuations will be relatively large this value for reference only).Fish Oil

     Due to the dietary structure of the people in the relative ω-6 of fatty acids, more attention should be paid to the intake of ω-3 fatty acids, because fish oil is very easy to oxidize, eat fish than to eat the preparation more efficient. Dietary Guidelines for Chinese residents general adults are advised to eat 75-100g fish and shrimp every day. However, considering the enrichment effect of heavy metals and environmental hormones in fish, it is recommended that small fish, such as salmon, be less polluted than sharks. Cooking methods as far as possible choice of cooking, fried can damage their nutrition. People who do not eat fish can also consider flaxseed oil and nuts to supplement the ω-3 system polyunsaturated fatty acids.Fish Oil

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