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How To Swallow Capsules?
Aug 17, 2017

              Eating capsules is difficult to swallow, swallow into the throat but always feel "stuck" in the esophagus, because the esophagus has 3 of narrow place. In fact, as long as the drug when drinking to three saliva can let the capsule to reach the stomach smoothly.

              First, drink a mouthful of water. When taking oral medications, the throat and esophagus are the only route. Among them, the esophagus is the most narrow part of the digestive tract, only 1.5-2 cm in diameter. Drink saliva before taking medicine, on the one hand is to "review" the swallowing action, on the other hand can moist throat and esophagus.Capsule

             Second, the capsule containing the entrance, and then sip a mouthful of water, the medicine swallowed. The shell of the hard capsule is made of gelatin and other ingredients, and has a certain viscosity in the mucous membrane, in the mouth with water to avoid sticking the capsule in the mouth and throat.

Third, swallow down and drink a big spit. Adult esophagus length is about 25 centimeters, don't look at it not long, but there are 3 of narrow. The first and third narrow parts are often closed. When swallowed, the first stenosis was opened, and the capsule entered the esophagus with the water smoothly. Although the second stenosis does not affect the passage of food, but is the capsule, pills and other "foreign bodies" easily stranded parts. Therefore, it is best to drink a large gulp of water after swallowing the capsule to help it through this narrow.Capsule

             In addition, the posture of capsule is also very important, teach you the simplest way, first stand or sit upright. Is the head slightly low, put the capsule in the mouth, and then drink a big saliva, so the capsule will float up, near the throat is easy to swallow in.

             If it is an older person, or a child with a weaker swallowing capacity. Swallowing capsules can be paired with the medicine general corn starch paper, so there is a layer of starch in the capsule outside, can be very smooth swallow. The most recent poison capsules have occurred frequently. Remind the vast number of netizens. In fact, as long as it is not enteric-coated slow-release capsules, can be opened capsule shell, the powder into corn starch paper swallowed. It's much easier to swallow than a capsule.Capsule

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