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Hollow Capsules Storage
Jul 22, 2017

             1, because the hollow capsules have too little water content easily broken, too much easy to soften the deformation of the characteristics, so the hollow capsule factory moisture should be controlled between 12.5 – 17.5%. 2. Containers with capsules should be placed on the shelves to avoid windows and pipes to keep them in a cool and well-ventilated place, avoiding daylight exposure and proximity to heat sources. 3, can not be placed arbitrarily and pressure. 4, before the use of packaging containers should be kept sealed, if opened please take appropriate sterilization measures, otherwise easy to cause bacterial contamination. 5, the inventory temperature should be maintained at 15-25 ℃; relative humidity remains in 35–65%. 6, can not be stored in high temperature and humidity conditions, otherwise it will be due to the heat to soften and deformation, but also can not be placed in the temperature is too low or too dry environment, otherwise the capsule easily produce brittle fragile phenomenon. 7, according to the above storage conditions, the capsules can be stored intact for more than 9 months.Capsule

             Hollow capsule production is to change the physical state of gelatin, so that it can be loaded into the contents of the container, it should be with the content into the human body. Therefore, the quality and safety of hollow capsules have become the focus of attention.Capsule

            The quality and safety of hollow capsules are mainly related to raw materials and production environment. The production of hollow capsules of raw materials is gelatin, gelatin industry after several years of bankruptcy, reorganization, enterprise gap widening. At present, the strong domestic gelatin production enterprises about 10, these enterprises have obtained the "Drug production license", its production of medicinal gelatin with bovine bone or pig bone as raw materials (referred to as bone glue, with pigskin or cowhide as raw materials for the production of gelatin referred to as leather glue), the main supply of hollow capsules automatic production line manufacturers use. However, individual manufacturers disregard the safety of people's lives, the production of leather gelatin is not fresh pigskin or cowhide as raw materials, but the use of a large number of dyed leather scrap as raw material (even more imported from abroad these leather rubbish), processed into medicinal or edible gelatin, to low-cost to seize the market. This gelatin contains a lot of toxic impurities, the more typical is the high chromium content, this gelatin production of hollow capsules will seriously endanger human health.Capsule

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