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Health Food In The Future Cannot Be Named
Jun 12, 2016

  "Efficient", "quick-impact", "x", "tea", "laxative tea" words like, cannot occur in the future in the name of health food, which is implemented by the State food and Drug Administration has issued the health food Naming Convention (draft) provisions.

  According to this provision, each health food can have only one name, its name by brand name, generic name, property name consists of three parts. Which brand name and general name shall not using express or hinted treatment role of words, shall not using function name and homophonic word or shape Word, shall not using exaggerated function role of text, and and function phase associated of text and misleading consumers of words; shall not using vulgar or with superstition color of words; shall not using human organization organ, words; shall not using false, and exaggerated and absolute of language, as "efficient, and available, and subsection x generation"; shall not using consumers easily understanding of professional terms and the place dialect ; Must not use names, place names (registered trademark).

  In addition, the rules also require brand names and generic names shall not be using foreign letters, Chinese phonetic alphabets, numbers, symbols, and so on. General General the main raw materials of the product name, consisting of two or more materials of health food shall not be named with a single raw material; a specific group name shall not be used.

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