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Functional Function Of Deep Sea Fish Oil
Sep 01, 2017

    The raw materials for making fish oil preparations are commonly found in mackerel, herring, tuna, flounder, salmon, cod liver, whale fat, seal oil, etc., and a small amount of vitamin E may be added to antioxidant effects. Fish oil in China is a new source of food, the broad sense of oil is the fat, including cod liver oils, but the main function of fish oil is DHA (22 carbon hexafluoride) and EPA (20 carbon diene acid), have the function of regulating blood lipids, and the main function of cod liver oils is vitamin A and vitamin D, The main role is to prevent vitamin A and vitamin D deficiency. Infants under 1 years of age do not need fish oil supplements (vitamin D supplements may be considered if breast milk or formula milk + supplemental feeding is sufficient).Fish Oil

    Ingredients: Generally refers to the main ingredients of cod liver oil is vitamin A and vitamin D, infant prevention rickets should eat fish liver fat, vitamin D preparation, rather than fish oil. The EPA may increase the tendency to bleed and not apply to infants (which is the advantage of antithrombotic for older adults).Fish Oil

Function: Fatty acid is an important component of fat, its chemical structure is a long chain of carbon elements. A structural bond between carbon and carbon that connects carbon to carbon in the fatty acids is called saturated fatty acids.     All saturated fatty acids are naturally synthesized in the human body and do not need to be specifically supplemented by food. If the carbon is connected to a double bond, the unsaturated fatty acid is called. The human body does not have the conditions for the synthesis of unsaturated fatty acids, should be food supply, so unsaturated fatty acids are also known as essential fatty acids.Fish Oil

    The role of deep sea fish oil: Brain Yizhi, the DHA component of deep sea fish oil is another special unsaturated fatty acid, which is an indispensable material base for the formation, development and operation of brain cells. Scientists have found that the brain's "neuron-raised cells" contain a large amount of DHA, which allows the brain's nerve conduction material to be more easily communicated with the right message. The role of DHA is therefore to promote and coordinate the conduction of the neural circuitry to maintain the normal functioning of the brain cells, thus enhancing concentration, memory, and attention.Fish Oil

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