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Food Micro Capsulete Chnology
Sep 30, 2017

Microencapsulation technology (Microencapsulation), it is refers to the use of natural or synthetic polymer capsule material, the solid, liquid, and even the gas micro-capsule material formed into a diameter of 1um ~ 5000um range (Typically between 5 and 400 μm) with a semi-permeable or encapsulated capsule.Capsule

Microcapsule products in the food industry, the isolation of active components, the printing industry in the pressure-sensitive color reproduction paper, the pharmaceutical industry in the targeted drugs and chemical industry in the fragrance of adhesives and other fine chemicals have outstanding advantages. With the development of microcapsule technology and microsphere research and development, its application areas are also constantly widening. Many materials through a variety of methods can be obtained with a certain composition and shape characteristics of microcapsule products. The composite particles prepared by microcapsule technology can be combined with other fine chemical materials to improve the mechanical strength and other properties of the composites.Capsule

Microcapsule technology is a widely used and rapid development of new technology, has become one of the hot research in the field of food science and technology, microcapsule technology used in the food industry, to solve some of the difficulties of the food industry, greatly promoted The food industry from the low-level agricultural products to the early stage of industry to change the industry. It is one of the high-tech research and development in the 21st century. It is a combination of ultrafine grinding technology, membrane separation technology, supercritical fluid extraction technology, molecular distillation technology, biotechnology and hot pressing technology for the development and application of high-tech Technology to show a good vision.Capsule Before understanding the characteristics of microcapsules, the need to explicitly use microcapsule technology to produce products. What are the characteristics of microcapsules that may be changed in order to accommodate the application requirements of a particular product? These changes include: material, material, material, material, and so on. Composition, release mechanism, particle size, the ultimate physical shape and cost of the product.Capsule

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