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Effect Of Fish Oil
May 26, 2017

· The role of fish oil

1. Fish oil has a positive effect on human eyesight. Fish oil contains rich Omega3 unsaturated fatty acids, long-term consumption is not easy to presbyopia, but also can improve vision.

2. Fish oil also has a positive effect on the human brain. Can effectively reduce mental decline, long-term use can improve memory, but also to prevent Alzheimer's disease.

3. People with asthma, gout and other diseases can also be eaten, in addition, it can play a role in preventing arthritis and relieving pain and swelling.

4. Fish oil can reduce blood lipids in the body and clear blood clots in the veins to prevent thrombosis, atherosclerosis, stroke and other diseases.

5. Fish oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and can maintain the retina.

· The effect of fish oil

1. Besides being able to promote the growth and development of animals, fish oil can also save protein well. Fish is rich in heat, its fat is very high calorie, can be very good for animals to absorb. It has been proved by practice that after adding fish oil to eel's diet, the utilization rate of feed can be improved well, thus the cost of raising is also reduced.

2. The phospholipid in fish oil plays an important role in the healthy development of animal brain, nerve tissue, heart and so on. It is not only beneficial to the digestion and absorption of lipids, but also the important structure of biofilm.

3. Fish oil Not only provides animals with the unsaturated acid needed for growth, but also promotes the uptake and utilization of vitamins. Fish oil can be used as a carrier of fat-soluble vitamin A, D and carotenoids to promote the absorption of vitamins for animals. If the long-term edible fish oil, can effectively prevent growth stagnation, subcutaneous edema bleeding and other diseases. Not only that, but also can effectively reduce prostaglandin, improve the level of antibody production in vivo and so on.

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