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Edible Population And Related Ingredients Of Fish Oil
Jul 09, 2017

    Deep sea fish oil refers to the unsaturated fatty components extracted from fish fauna in the deep sea, respectively, EPA and DHA. As a result of the nutritional survey found that human health needs unsaturated fatty acid components to maintain, and the social population saturated fat reasons, a large number of commercial organizations to develop such supplements. But there is no authoritative data clinical evidence that the product has the treatment of hypertension and other functions, in addition to the process of influence, especially cautious use.Fish Oil
    The concept of deep-sea fish oil is the abbreviation for unsaturated fats in deep-sea fishes. Fish oil is rich in the EPA (20 carbon diene acid), DHA (22 carbon hexafluoride) in the body of the oil. Ordinary fish body contains EPA, DHA quantity is very tiny, only cold area deep-sea fish, such as salmon, sardines and other body EPA, DHA content is very high, and land other animals in the body almost no EPA, DHA. So choose deep-sea fish to practice EPA and DHA.
    Applicable crowd: 1, has the blood clot, haemorrhage or apoplexy and so on sickness. 2, three high (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol) crowd. 3. There is a tendency for eyesight to decline. 4, have heart disease, arteriosclerosis symptom of crowd. 5, have arthritis, gout, asthma crowd. 6, need to prevent and cure diabetic complication patient. Note: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, take medication, face surgery, have bleeding problems, or perform any other treatment that may affect the ability of blood clots to consult your physician before taking this product. 1, the product can not replace drugs. 2, children, pregnant women and breast-feeding woman cautious. 3, bleeding disease and bleeding tendencies are disabled.Fish Oil
    Fish oil is rich in ω-3 series fatty acids and has the effect of lowering cholesterol and reducing blood viscosity. Because people generally believe that the biggest problem of cardio-cerebrovascular disease is to reduce blood cholesterol and blood viscosity, and cholesterol as the heart and cerebrovascular disease "culprit" and "culprit." In addition, in theory, the ω-3 fatty acids in fish oil are essential fatty acids, and promote the growth and development of children, is the balance of ω-6 series fatty acids, the main fatty acids, to prevent a variety of diseases have a positive significance. As a result, people naturally regard fish oil as a way to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Fish Oil

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