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Development Of Softgel In China
Oct 23, 2017

China's health food used in the hard capsules and other packaging, whether from the shape or packaging quality, and the international market has a certain gap. With the application of the new soft capsule production technology, we have made great progress in the use of soft capsules, such as materials, color, shape, quality and so on.Softgel 

It can be said that at present, China's soft capsule production process has caught up with even more than the foreign counterparts. Therefore, China has added a weight to the international market, soft capsules health food is with its irresistible advantage gradually become the health food packaging industry leader. In the domestic and foreign medicine, health care products and cosmetics industries, soft capsules are becoming a new trend of packaging.Softgel

In China, the production and development of soft capsules are also paid more attention to, and made great progress, the scope of production from the simple western medicine preparation to the development of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, there are currently 9 Chinese herbal medicine factory to produce soft capsules for the market, as well as some manufacturers have developed a nutritious soft capsules. In addition, including daily use of plastic pill and other appearance also greatly enriched the soft capsule varieties. China's production of soft capsule products are also beginning to export to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, the United States, Western Europe, Singapore and other places, especially proprietary Chinese medicines and nutritious nutrition is welcomed by domestic and foreign users, has a very attractive market sales prospects.Softgel

With the increasing of the people's living standards, the market for a variety of soft capsules of the demand is growing, and now, oily medicine, health products, such as increasing product, and in recent years the development of traditional Chinese medicine products, the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine to promote the demand for soft capsules, as well as the domestic soft Further expand the soft capsule production market prospects. The influence of traditional Chinese medicine is increasing with people's admiration for natural products and the rise of natural therapies.Softgel

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