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Development Of New Material Technology For Softgel
Sep 12, 2017

     New materials have appeared: Soft capsules have become one of the most widely used medicinal agents since the advent of the present clinical application. Many oil-like, liquid or even paste-like APIs can be processed into soft capsules. As many as hundreds of kinds of soft capsules have been listed all over the world, including ve soft capsules, Primrose soft capsules, the soft capsules, deep sea fish oil soft capsules and other common varieties and a variety of health products preparation soft capsules (such as cod liver oil soft capsules, saw blade palm soft capsules, etc.).Softgel

      Soft capsules and hard capsules are used as the main raw materials. Gelatin comes from animal slaughter by-products (mainly pigs, cows, sheep bones and pigskin and cowhide). But there was a shocking world of mad cow events that spread to the gelatin market. Because the European people like to eat beef, cattle bones and cowhide is the main raw material of the European gelatin industry. Some environmental groups, such as Greenpeace, have begun boycotting gelatin from cattle by-products because of widespread public fears and fears about mad cow disease.Softgel

      At the same time, but in fact, for gelatin production plant, as a result of the acquisition of animal bones from all over the most mixed stacked together, it is difficult to completely separate, so the requirements of the production of gelatin raw materials absolutely in line with the "halal" requirements are more difficult to operate. In this case, some Islamic countries also resisted the importation of gelatin soft capsules. This has caused a great impact on the traditional soft capsule preparation industry. It has become an urgent task to search for gelatin substitute products of non animal origin as soft capsule excipients.Softgel

     The potential uses of gum as medicinal excipients include: can be processed into Double-layer soft capsules (such as gastric dissolve, enteric-soluble two different properties of double soft capsule preparation) This double-layer (multilayer) soft capsules in the processing of stomach drugs, aspirin preparations and anti-AIDS drugs and other drugs of long-term sustained release agents have a wide range of uses. Glue is suitable for processing soft capsules of double layer coating high oxidation products. such as the use of traditional gelatin processing of such products because of the gelatin membrane oxygen permeability is easy to make the product oxidation and failure. Plastic can be appropriately added nitrogen containing substances to prevent oxygen into the soft capsule, it can greatly improve the storage period of high oxidized products soft capsules.Softgel

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