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Development Direction Of Oftgel Capsule Drugs
Aug 17, 2017

              Soft capsule drug product quality is the life of enterprises, not only to improve product appearance quality, but also pay attention to the intrinsic quality of products. At present, there are many varieties, neither qualitative nor quantitative indicators, only control the difference in load, product quality and instability, foreign businessmen dare not to goods, export volume is very micro, especially the size of the liquid and uniformity of the problem, but also the key to product quality, must find suitable for this product stabilizer and suspension agent, grope for its dosage, should be organized to tackle. Continuously increase the scientific and technological content of products, and gradually transition to develop a variety of independent intellectual property rights.Softgel

              In many Western countries, one of the successful experiences of high speed development in the pharmaceutical industry is technological cooperation, which not only cooperates in China, but also cooperates with the pharmaceutical factories in the developed countries, and there is a lack of technical exchanges and joint discussions between the Chinese industry and the soft capsules. Chinese manufacturers have advantages and strengths, should be through the exchange, absorbing others strengths, overcome their shortcomings, the quality of their products to a new level. In order to promote development, we must lead the science and technology, strengthen the horizontal links, focus on new product development, adjust the structure of products, and gradually move closer to the international market. Secondly, the production as the main goal, the international cooperation in an important position to promote exports, drive scientific research.Softgel

              The current situation of similar products in China organization research, to ascertain the world level and their own gap. China's pharmaceutical products to enter the international market, and a firm foothold, we must have their own original products, strengthen the organization of new drug research, avoid duplication of research, in order to create more new varieties of soft capsules to work hard.Softgel

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