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Deep Sea Fish Oil
Jul 01, 2017

              Deep sea fish oil refers to the unsaturated fatty components extracted from fish fauna in the deep sea, respectively, EPA and DHA. As a result of the nutritional survey found that human health needs unsaturated fatty acid components to maintain, and the social population saturated fat reasons, a large number of commercial organizations to develop such supplements. But there is no authoritative data clinical evidence that the product has the treatment of hypertension and other functions, in addition to the process of influence, especially cautious use.

              Brain puzzle: The DHA component of deep sea fish oil is another special unsaturated fatty acid, which is an indispensable material base for the formation, development and operation of brain cells. Scientists have found that the brain's "neuron-raised cells" contain a large amount of DHA, which allows the brain's nerve conduction material to be more easily communicated with the right message. The role of DHA is therefore to promote and coordinate the conduction of the neural circuitry to maintain the normal functioning of the brain cells, thus enhancing concentration, memory, and attention.

              Protect the heart and blood flow: The EPA ingredient in deep sea fish oil is a special unsaturated fatty acid, which is beneficial to the blood circulation. The EPA helps to remove cholesterol and sclerosis stains attached to the walls of the blood vessel, lowering cholesterol levels in the bloodstream, helping to keep the blood flowing, inhibiting abnormal blood clotting, preventing thrombosis, and preventing strokes or myocardial infarction.Fish Oil

                Help fight inflammation: EPA and DHA also have anti-inflammatory activity. When the body intake of Jon-6-6 fatty acids (usually a large number of vegetable oils contain) too much and Shan-3-fatty acid deficiencies, the body will produce some chemicals to cause inflammatory reactions. The EPA and DHA in deep-sea fish oil can balance excess Jon-6-6 fatty acids, so fish oil is often used to improve inflammation such as rheumatoid arthritis.Fish Oil

               Improve bad mood: EPA and DHA are closely related to emotional balance. When the concentration of EPA and DHA in the blood is low, the risk of mild to moderate depression is significantly increased. A large number of clinical trials have proved that, compared with those who do not like to eat fish, fish lovers are more optimistic about the difficulties and pressures, because the fish contains the EPA and DHA and the effect of improving mood.Fish Oil

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