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Classification And Identification Of Capsule
Jul 09, 2017

     Main categories: usually have hard capsules and soft capsules. The hard capsule is also called the Hollow Capsule, which is composed of two parts of the cap body, and the soft capsule is processed into a product at the same time as the film materials and contents. Hard capsules are divided according to raw materials, capsules generally include: Gelatin capsules are the world's most popular two-section capsules. Garlic Capsules: Capsules are composed of two precision capsules. Capsules have a wide range of sizes, including 000#, 00#, and 0#--5#= capsules. The capsule can also be stained with printed words, showing a unique custom appearance. The body part has a conical edge, which can be successfully encapsulated in a high speed filler. The double locking ring system can make the capsule fit before filling, and after filling the medicine, it is completely nested together. The capsule design also includes vents to avoid unnecessary air pressure within the capsule during the high-speed filling process, resulting in a rebound.Capsule
     Plant capsules are hollow capsules made from plant cellulose or water-soluble polysaccharides, such as the forefront vigor, to meet the needs of all natural positioning and capsule preparation solutions. It retains the advantages of all the standard hollow capsules: Easy to use, effectively conceal the taste and smell, the contents of transparent visible, and more traditional gelatin capsules have no connotation. How to identify the problem capsule? First of all, to be aware, from the CCTV exposure of 13 of chrome products to identify the flesh, search clues, and carefully select the problem capsule manufacturers of other drugs. Secondly, under conditions permitting, the plant capsule can be used instead of gelatin capsule, and the contents of plant capsule are transparent. Industrial gelatin to be processed through the color palette to form a problem capsule, light-colored capsules than dark-coloured capsules with a smaller chance of tinting. summed up, industrial gelatin made of capsules and medicinal gelatin made of capsules will have three different places: the quality of brittle: general industrial gelatin impurities, so a pinch on the capsule broken, a touch on the broken. Colorful: Industrial gelatin made of capsule impurities, manufacturers will add more flavor, dye to disguise impurities, so the more vivid the color is likely to be industrial gelatin. Easy to twist: industrial gelatin made of capsule quality, material, process poor, capsule mouth is loose, easy to unscrew open.Capsule
     The packaging of qualified medicines shall be marked [Product lot number], [date of production], [expiration to] three items, and most of the writing is for laser printing. Counterfeit drugs are often missing one to two items in three items, and the printed handwriting is more of a print. Look at the appearance of the drug carefully observe the appearance of counterfeit drugs, often have the following problems: tablets: The color of the pill is uneven, discoloration, spots, adhesion, pine tablets, hygroscopic, and so on; the surface of sugar-coated film faded threadbare, split, moldy. Injection: Discoloration, turbidity, precipitation, crystallization, floc and so on. Water agent: Precipitation, crystallization, mildew, floc. Granules: appear sticky, caking, dissolve, uneven particles. Ointment: Dehydration, drying, water and oil separation, oil failure odor.Capsule

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