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China's Implementation Of The Food Safety Law, Many Today Highlights Concerns
Jun 12, 2016

  Some of the highlights of the new law concern:

Establishment of a food safety Committee

Food Safety Act: establishment of a food safety Committee under the State Council, its duties stipulated by the State Council. Food safety coordination responsibilities entrusted to the health Administrative Department under the State Council, responsible for food safety risk assessment, food safety standards and food safety information, food inspection agency accreditation and test specification development organizations investigate and deal with major food safety incidents. State administration of quality supervision, industrial and commercial administration and the State food and drug supervision and management departments in accordance with this law and the regulations of the State Council duties, respectively, food production, food circulation supervision and management, food and beverage service activities.

  Uniform standards of food security

Food Safety Act, the health Administrative Department under the State Council shall set forth the current edible farm product quality and safety standards, food safety standards, quality of food standards and food standards enforcement in the industry standard integration, unified release for food safety standards. Meanwhile, in addition to food safety standards, mandatory standard shall make no other food.

  Build a food safety risk monitoring and assessment system

Food safety law, the national food safety risk monitoring system established, on foodborne diseases and food contamination monitoring and harmful factors in food. National food safety risk assessment system, for food, food additives, biological, chemical and physical hazards risk assessment.

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