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Characteristics Of Norwegian Salmon Fish Oil
Aug 25, 2017

            1. Safety, traceability: We attach importance to the source of raw materials security for the first priority, every bottle of fish oil products in the market can be 100% trace of all raw materials from fish oil to production to control the whole process; 2. The production process must retain important nutrients in the EPA and DHA, vitamin (A, D e&k) and Astaxanthin, the effect is better; 3. Fresh pure, non-polluting, from the Arctic Norwegian Pure natural source; 4. No addition, 75 minutes of harvest, production process to ensure no oxidation and spoilage ; no further chemical process or addition of other essential fatty acids 5. Low temperature made: the whole process has not been heated to avoid oxidation and prevent omega-3 fatty acids rancid; 6. Single Salmon fish oil source, better results; many fish oils are a source of mixed fish oil, resulting in a viscous, better pure fish oil, preferably in a single species, and better in metabolism.Fish Oil

             Most omega-3 products use or mix other sources of fish oil from South America. Fish are usually stored for more than 2 years after they have been arrested for processing days and unprocessed oil before they are processed or heated to remove the odor.Fish Oil

            Most fish oil in the production process, the use of chemicals to eliminate fish oil oxidation and spoilage after the smell and taste; fish oil is often artificially condensed, causes the omega-3 molecule to change, oxidize, the most fish oil has been oxidized in the production process, after analysis has been higher than the oxidation limit; generally cheap fish oil lacks the so-called natural fatty acids such as phospholipids, as well as vitamins and antioxidants, astaxanthin, can not really save fish oil in the whole nutrients.Fish Oil

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