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Characteristics Of Liquid Calcium Softgel
Jul 22, 2017

           Liquid calcium is the milk as raw material by the ultra-low temperature frozen extract condensed milk liquid calcium supplement products. There are more than 40 kinds of calcium nutrition enhancer in the world, and the formulations are mainly solid-state tablets, powders, granules, capsules, liquid water agents, emulsions and so on. As the solid calcium must undergo acid decomposition, so that the calcium from the complex free out, release into a soluble ionic state, in order to facilitate absorption. Therefore, the general solid calcium will have a potential damage to the stomach, and the production of gas, nausea and other discomfort. In comparison, the liquid calcium due to the calcium ion free program is simpler, more direct, more easily absorbed, higher safety.Softgel

          1. Source: The use of pollution-free pasture milk calcium source, retained the natural calcium milk activity.Softgel

          2. Ultra-fine liquid state is easy to absorb long-term take, good health.

          3. Liquid calcium has better molecular fluidity than ordinary calcium tablets and is more easily absorbed by the human body.

          4, High safety: the use of medicinal grade superfine high-quality calcium source, high purity, no heavy metal residue, in line with USP 28 standards in the United States Pharmacopoeia;

          5, fast absorption: liquid calcium form, the rapid release in the stomach, dissociation as calcium ions;

          6, the formulation of science: the unique addition of vitamin D3, in the vitamin D family, D3 the most physiological activity, more effectively promote calcium absorption and deposition in the skeleton;

          7, easy to take: soft capsule formulations, soft and slippery, easy to swallow. Liquid calcium Soft Capsule It is in fact a special treatment of calcium carbonate ultrafine particles suspended. Due to the use of soft capsule technology, calcium carbonate in the stomach to avoid the discomfort caused by the reaction. Liquid calcium Soft capsule is suitable for long-term children, pregnant women, lactation, middle-aged and osteoporosis, fracture, backache, insomnia, cramps and other symptoms of calcium supplementation. Liquid calcium is a sugar-free calcium, the general diabetic patients can also be taken. Softgel

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