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Characteristics And Traits Of Softgel
Sep 30, 2017

Soft capsule features: soft capsule plasticity strong, flexible. This is determined by the nature of the soft capsule composition, depending on the ratio between gelatin, plasticizer and water. Soft capsules can make up for the lack of other solid dosage forms, such as high oil content or liquid medicine is not easy to make pills, tablets, can be made of soft capsules. Soft capsule in addition to the above characteristics, but also has the same characteristics with the hard capsule, such as convenience, high utilization, good stability, can be extended effect.Softgel

If the thick gelatin film, can be completely sealed, the capsule strength and membrane cover high, the content can be long-term stability. It is reported that the gelatin film on the oxygen block more than 30 times more than polyethylene film. Oxygen in the air is very stable, to prevent air oxidation and so on.Softgel Capsule film taste, color, fragrance, transparency, gloss are free to choose, compared with other round products, the appearance of good gloss, eye-catching. Round airtight containers, made after the circulation of foreign matter can not be mixed, is a clean type container. For low boiling point, volatile (such as spices, etc.) material can be stable. And some taboo ingredients may each be added to the two-layered contents.Softgel

Soft Capsule (Soft Capsule) since 1935 has been the world's most widely used clinical one of the pharmaceutical preparations. Many oily, liquid and even paste raw materials can be processed into soft capsules. The world has been listed on the various types of soft capsule preparations up to hundreds of species, including VE soft capsules, evening primrose soft capsules, Duo Kangkang soft capsules, deep-sea fish oil soft capsules and other commonly used varieties and various health care products soft capsules (Such as cod liver oil soft capsules, saw blade palm oil soft capsules, etc.).Softgel

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