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Characteristics And Suitable Drugs Of Softgel
Jun 27, 2017

    Soft capsule is a kind of packing method of capsule, which is common in medicine or health food. It is a kind of capsule which is made by treating liquid medicine or liquid fruit in the soft material. Soft capsule is made by gelatin, glycerin or other suitable medicinal excipients.Softgel
    Features: (1) The liquid oil can be directly sealed into the capsule, without the use of adsorption, such as additives, and soft capsules oily content up to 60 (weight), and like the general content of substance under 50%. (2) If using thick gelatin to make skin film, can be completely airtight, capsule strength and film block high, content can be stable for a long time. According to the test, the gelatin film is more than 30 times times more than polyethylene film to oxygen-shielding. Oxygen in the air is very stable, can prevent air oxidation moisture and so on. (3) After ingestion, the contents are released rapidly, the body utilization rate is high. (4) The content of homogeneity is good, the content deviation is very low. (5) can cover some content of different odor, peculiar smell, especially for some functional health food, medicine application more suitable. Because of its different from the general food, peculiar smell, smelly ingredient many. (6) Capsule skin membrane taste, color, fragrance, transparency, gloss is free to choose, and other round products compared to the appearance of good luster, compelling. (7) The round system airtight container, after making the circulation foreign body cannot mix, is a kind of purifying type container. (8) For low boiling point, volatile (such as spices, etc.) material can be stable preservation. And some of the taboo ingredients can be added to each of the two layers of content. (9) No need to add binders, molding agents and other additives, the general soft capsules from gelatin, glycerin and water made, the department can eat natural products. (10) Soft capsules in the production and storage should meet the following requirements: small doses of drugs, should be diluted with appropriate diluent, and mixed evenly; should look neat, no bonding, deformation or rupture phenomenon, no odor, except otherwise specified, should be sealed and stored Softgel
    Suitable medicine: A drug with bad odor, and a micro-active drug. Soft capsule can conceal the bad odor of the drug is a well-known feature. Some small doses of active drugs, such as Ajie ossification and ossification of three alcohols (each containing a dose of 0.25) are best made into soft capsules. Volatile ingredients, easy to lose drug soft capsules can not only guarantee the loss of volatile components in medicinal herbs, but also to avoid the volatile oil after the preparation of the loss, improve the quality and efficacy of drugs. The hydrophobic drugs with poor bioavailability, such as the poor water solubility of cyclosporine, can be made into soft capsules after microemulsion with oily carrier, which may greatly improve their bioavailability. If other solid agents are used, it is difficult to achieve effective blood drug concentrations.Softgel

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