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Capsule Vulcanizing Machine
Aug 25, 2017

               Capsule is a necessary part of the tire processing, in the tire vulcanization process, the capsule needs to undergo repeated expansion and contraction, stretching and other deformation, but also undergo rapid heating and cooling, so the capsule has a high performance requirements. Capsule vulcanization is the most important process in the production of capsules. Capsule vulcanization is the plastic material of the capsule after the proper processing of semi-finished products in a certain pressure and temperature conditions, through chemical action, the semi-finished products are made into capsules, and the process of using the performance of tire processing is obtained, so the capsule vulcanization is the key procedure to obtain the high quality performance of the capsules.Capsule

                Capsule vulcanizing machine is the necessary equipment to complete the curing of capsules. By controlling the action of the upper Mandrel, the lower mandrel and the main cylinder, the capsule vulcanizer is combined into a certain core cavity to form the pressure required for curing the capsule. The temperature required for vulcanization is controlled by controlling the entry of the steam at the same time. Vulcanization process including clamping, tight die, holding pressure vulcanization, starting mold and so on.Capsule

               The modern vulcanizing machine has the following requirements: High quality-can be strictly in accordance with the process parameters to ensure the quality of vulcanization, reduce the defective rate; high efficiency--can improve work efficiency, reduce the working time of each link, improve productivity; Low failure rate, can minimize the fault caused by improper operation, improve the stability of equipment, remote monitoring-can monitor the current state of each vulcanizing machine, and record the working parameters for a period of time, easy to query, realize lean control.Capsule

                At present, many domestic capsule vulcanizer still use traditional relay circuit control, can not carry out accurate pressure, temperature and time control, capsule quality is not guaranteed, and high failure rate. Some of the vulcanizing machine is controlled by PLC, but the precision of the analog acquisition module is not high, the network ductility is not good, and the performance of the vulcanizing machine is limited.Capsule

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