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Can Young Children Take Deep Sea Fish Oil
Jul 22, 2017

             Fish oil is rich in the EPA (20 carbon five dilute acid), DHA (22 carbon six dilute acid) in the body of the oil. Ordinary fish body contains EPA, DHA quantity is very tiny, but the land other animal body almost does not contain EPA, DHA, so only cold area deep-sea fish to refine the human body needs of the EPA, DHA. Deep sea fish oil, which is extracted from deep sea fish, contains the precious omega fatty acids essential to a healthy diet, including 20 carbon diene acid (EPA), 22 carbonic acid (DHA), regulating blood lipids, reducing triglycerides and diluting blood.Fish Oil

             Generally speaking, young children under the age of 12-14 do not need to eat, because although more and more research data prove that DHA is necessary for children, there is no clear evidence that EPA is also necessary for their normal growth and development. The proportion of DHA and EPA should be more than 2.5:1, and the proportion of DHA and EPA in deep-sea fish oil is 0.67:1 (12%: 18%) for young children. Of course, young children can choose high DHA fish oil products, such as the Thousand forest tuna soft capsule and the thousand forest DHA soft capsules, the proportion of DHA and EPA is 5:1 (25%: 5%). Thousand forest shark liver oil contains rich akgs can improve the immunity of children and the elderly, strengthen physique. thousand forest cod liver oil, in addition to contain rich Dhaepa more vitamin A and D, protect eyesight, promote bone development, no smell, children love to eat.Fish Oil

              Deep sea fish oil from the deep sea fishes fat extract, belong to the fish lipid category, mainly contains the EPA, DHA and other polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is easy to digest absorption of human body, will not produce cholesterol. The main role of EPA is to regulate blood lipids to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, DHA can help the brain and retina development, protect eyesight, maintain and enhance human memory, thinking function, suitable for long-term use of the population is conducive to health. And People's daily life of animal edible oil is mainly saturated fat oil, if the intake of excessive, easy to produce cholesterol, the two are completely different.Fish Oil

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