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Analysis Of Nutritional Components Of Fish Oil
Sep 21, 2017

      How to take fish oil better? Fish oil is an appropriate health food for all ages, for different health purposes, can choose different varieties of fish oil, such as for the purpose of the brain for pregnant women, infants and primary school health care, should choose a higher DHA content, EPA content of products, and for the prevention and treatment of cardio-cerebrovascular disease of the elderly, the choice of EPA content more products better.Fish Oil

      It is advisable for the elderly to take lecithin at the same time when taking fish oil, which can be complementary, because the metabolic products of fish oil in reducing blood lipids undergo liver metabolism, which aggravates the burden of the liver, and the liver of the elderly is more susceptible to damage.Fish Oil

     Fish oil and lecithin in the same clothing, not only to reduce lipid is helpful, and lecithin can enhance the liver excretion function, thus protecting the liver from damage. Now nutritionists particularly launched the "Health 100 Days" recommendations, the proposal in the elderly friends in 100 days, early to take a fish oil, late to serve a capsule of lecithin, 100 days later, you will certainly feel the scientific diet to your health surprises.Fish Oil

     Fish fats and oils rich in ω-3 fatty acids include: mackerel, tuna, salmon, sturgeon, anchovies, sardines, herring, trout, and so on, each 22 of them can obtain about 1 grams of ω-3 fatty acids (the actual fluctuations will be relatively large this value for reference only). Due to the dietary structure of the people in the relative ω-6 of fatty acids, more attention should be paid to the intake of ω-3 fatty acids, because fish oil is very easy to oxidize, eat fish than to eat the preparation more efficient. Dietary Guidelines for Chinese residents general adults are advised to eat 75-100g fish and shrimp every day.Fish Oil

    However, considering the enrichment effect of heavy metals and environmental hormones in fish, it is recommended that small fish, such as salmon, be less polluted than sharks. Cooking methods as far as possible choice of cooking, fried can damage their nutrition. People who do not eat fish can also consider flaxseed oil and nuts to supplement the ω-3 system polyunsaturated fatty acids.Fish Oil

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