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    Contact NowPaintball The raw material of?PAINTBALL?from?WEIHAIBAIHE?is?non-toxic, food-grade ?ingredient, which is biodegradable and friendly to environment.All paintballs supplied you are fresh. The ball's hardness is customized according to your temperature and humidity.? 1, Name: paintball 2, Grade: Field 3, Size: 0.68 inch 4, Countries to be sold: USA, Germany, UK, Australia etc. 5, Minors - Dimples Flats Etc.: Record minors less than 30 in PASS column/Record minors over 30 in FAIL column. 6, Broken Paint: If more than two broken paintballs found the lot is rejected and sorted. 7, Leakers: No more than a? quarter size spot of fluid in total in one 500 count bag. 8, Paintball Drop Test: Record the breaks in the Fail column and no breaks in the pass column. 9, Correct Ball Shell Color: Matches PO and Item 10, Correct Ball Fill Color: Matches Po and item 11, Shot Test Accuracy: Minimum 80% accuracy in 100 shots all paintballs must break on target. 12, Velocity Average: Record 5 ball velocity 13, Barrel Breaks: None Allowed 13, Paint Measurements: meet the PO and item 1.?Solid Color Shell and Filler 2. "Perfect Brittle" shell breaks on target, not in the barrel. 3.? Soluble in Water,?Biodegradable and environment friendly filling 4. Paintball Shell: smooth and bright on surface,consistent round. 5.??More robust shell avoids gun breaks 6.??Easy to wash 7.??At affordable priceRead More

  • Paintballs of 0.68 Caliber

    Contact NowPaintballs of 0.68 CaliberPaintball, 0.68 Cal Paint Balls, Paintballs manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Paintballs of 0.68 Caliber, Cheap Paintball Balls with Best Price of 0.68 Cal, Field Grade and Recreational Paintballs for Training and so on.Read More

  • Paintball

    Contact NowPaintballWeihai Baihe Biology Technological Co.,Ltd is one of well-known organic paintball manufacturers, welcome to buy low price, customized and GMP certified paintball of high quality through our website. PaintballRead More

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